New video explains The Fermi Paradox and why we've never been visited by aliens

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May 8, 2015, 11:23 AM EDT (Updated)

The universe is an infinitely huge, dark and scary place, with billions and billions of potentially habitable planets, exoplanets and superplanets.  If even a microscopic fraction of those celestial bodies held intelligent life with futuristic technology to pilot starships, our Earthly skies should theoretically be swarming with alien visitors both benign and hostile.  Right?

But if you look out the window, the best you may get is a few domestic jetliners stacked up over your nearest international airport, waiting to land.  So where are the wondrous waves of E.T. visitors?  Are we the first advanced civilization in the universe?  Or the last?  This amusing new video by Kurz Gesagt unravels this mystery with a brief deconstruction of the Fermi paradox, and offers some entertaining and depressing reasons why we are doomed to solitude on our Big Blue Marble. 

Absorb this mind-expanding hypothesis and tell us if you buy into their intriguing scientific theory:

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