New video featurette salutes the Superman cartoons of Max Fleischer

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Apr 6, 2016, 1:17 PM EDT

If you've never experienced the exhilarating Superman cartoons by animator Max Fleischer (Koko The ClownPopeye, Betty Boop) of the 1940s, you own it to yourself to absorb these Golden Age gems soon.  

YouTuber KaptainKristian compiled this deep dive into the vintage Superman animated masterpieces of the Fleischer Brothers, sparing no intriguing detail or fascinating tidbit of trivia.  Max and Dave Fleischer produced the first nine single-reel films, which still stand the test of time, establishing many of the iconic elements of the Superman mythos and pushing the art of animation to stratospheric heights.  Using a rotoscoping technique to capture more realistic movement, Fleischer also incorporated cinematic angles, noirish mood and dramatic lighting into each of these 10-minute jewels, which have inspired everyone from Alex Ross to Bruce Timm.  Fleischer Studios was absorbed into Famous Studios in 1942, where the final eight cartoons were produced.

Have a look at the fundamental attributes of a dude from Kansas and tell us if you'd love to see a big-budget, Fleischer-style Superman movie.


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