New virtual reality tech lets humans see the world like animals

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Oct 16, 2015, 1:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Ever wondered how the rain forest looks from the perspective of a frog, or a dragonfly? Well, wonder no more.

Popular Science reports the ingenious virtual reality project put together by the creative collective Marshmallow Laser Feast uses Oculus Rift kits to essentially place a user inside the head of dragonflies, frogs and other creatures as they buzz around their natural habitats. Thanks to the Oculus Rift helmet, users can check out the world with glorious 360-degree views. 

The team gathered the footage with special 360-degree cameras mounted on drones that were flown to mimic the travel styles of these various creatures. They also recorded the sounds of the forest and cut it into the footage, and tweaked the color of the footage based on how the creatures would literally see things.

The project was shown off at the Abandon Normal Devices festival in Grizedale Forest, and we’d love to see more of it. In the meantime, check out some teaser footage below:

(Via Popular Science)