New Walking Dead pic hints at iconic, devastating scene from the comics

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Nov 21, 2013

Good news, Walking Dead fans — it seems we might get to see that epic clash between Rick and the Governor after all.

Spoilers ahead for the Walking Dead comic and possibly the series!

The producers behind The Walking Dead have released an intriguing new pic that hints at one of the most iconic scenes from Robert Kirkman’s comic run. The shot shows the Governor (David Morrissey) sitting at a picnic table … beside a tank. Yep, that's right.

For fans of the comic, this should ring a few bells. Though the TV series has deviated a good bit from the book, fans know that the epic clash between the Governor’s forces and Rick’s gang at the prison essentially came to an end when the eyepatched fiend decided to crash his tank through the prison fence, getting just about everyone killed (himself included).

The big battle didn’t go down as anyone expected last season, but now that the Governor has hooked up with a new group, it makes sense that they might make a run at the prison as their new base of operations — which could bring with it some of the death and destruction we were expecting last season. Who knows, might the Governor's new "family" get killed, driving him back to full-on psychopath?

What do you think? Is Kirkman gearing up to wreak some havoc with that tank?


(Via MTV)

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