New Walking Dead S3 set pics give a good look at [SPOILER ALERT!]

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Dec 17, 2012

We're finally getting glimpses of The Walking Dead's third season straight from the show's set. First we got a look at the malevolent Governor in action, and now we've seen something a bit more spoilerific. We've heard whispers that this would happen. And now it's confirmed. SPOILERS AHEAD!

One more time before we go on: These images pack a fairly hefty SPOILER. If you're not ready to know this will happen, don't read on.

For those of you still with us, here we go. We've been waiting ever since season one to learn the fate of a certain survivor. We've heard he might pop up again in season three, and now we know for sure. Check it out:

And one more, just in case you think you're not seeing straight.

Oh yeah, that's MIchael Rooker making his long-awaited return as Merle Dixon with a shiny new artificial limb. We've seen nothing of him but a severed hand and a dream sequence for more than a year, and it seems we'll finally get our fill when the show returns to AMC for its third go-round. But what's more intriguing isn't the confirmation that Merle's coming back, but what he might be doing.

Check out that vehicle he's riding in. It looks very, very similar to the one in the background of the Governor photo we revealed last week, doesn't it? Some might say it's the exact same vehicle. Has Merle made some new friends?

(Via Starburst Magazine)

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