New Walking Dead season 2 trailer bares its rotting teeth

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Jul 4, 2015

It's almost October and the scent of falling leaves and roasting zombies has befouled the airwaves. To savor the season, behold the full 90-second preview for the sophomore outing of Rick Grimes and the gang as they trek across the insufferable wastelands of Z-Town, USA.

Expect more peril, more smoke-wagons ablazin', more groaning corpses with decidedly un-minty fresh breath and a host of new characters to serve as snacks for the undead hordes when the second season of AMC's hit show starts on Sunday, October 16th. And this fresh trailer aims to set the stage and underscore one of the whole series' recurring themes: hope, and the lack thereof.

If some of this looks a little familiar, a decent chunk of it came from the San Diego Comic Con trailer that popped up in July, but there are enough new vittles to tantalize.

Will you be there when the Walking Dead shambles onto screens anew?

(Via Collider)

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