New Warner Bros. theme park to bring Gotham City, Metropolis to life

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Apr 28, 2017, 11:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Disney is already cashing in on its Star Wars license with the Star Wars Lands projects currently in development, and now Warner Bros. is looking to leverage its DC clout to do the same. So, get ready to walk the streets of a real-life Gotham City. Just, you know, look out for the back alleys.

The park will feature a Metropolis with bright skyscrapers and fixtures from the comics, while Gotham will be a bit on the grittier side. Plus, c’mon, The Mask of Zorro has to be playing at the local theater in Gotham City, right?

The one downside to all this, is that you’ll have to do some major traveling to actually visit. The $1 billion theme park is a collaboration between Warner Bros. and Abu Dhabi’s Miral. So, you know, it’s located in Abu Dhabi. But, if you do make the trip, there will be a few other things to check out with the comic fare. Along with areas fashioned after Gotham and Metropolis, the park will feature sections based on Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes properties, including Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, and Dynamite Gulch.

The park is set to open in 2018, so start planning your trip now.

(Via Variety)

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