New Westworld pic, and tease from creator Jonathan Nolan for dark, subversive series

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Jan 26, 2015, 10:13 AM EST (Updated)

What can we expect from HBO’s upcoming sci-fi series Westworld? Here’s what creator Jonathan Nolan promises.

This J.J. Abrams-produced reboot of sorts is being created, written and produced by Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar) and boasts a stellar cast that so far includes Sir Anthony Hopkins (Thor), Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood) and Ed Harris (Snowpiercer).

The story itself is based on author Michael Crichton’s classic 1973 sci-fi flick, which then starred Yul Brynner as a murderous, black-clad, gunslinging android. The story was about a high-tech attraction park for tourists in which robots run amok after a parkwide malfunction. The movie was a dark social commentary on the dangers of our increasingly technologically advanced world. In short, technology = BAD.

About the new series, Nolan said: “It’s a place where you can be whoever you want to be and there are no consequences — no rules, no limitations. What happens in Westworld stays in Westworld.”

Hopkins is said to play the park’s creator (a la Jurassic Park’s John Hammond), while Ed Harris is expected to play the murderous robot gunslinger (aka the Man in Black), the role made famous by Brynner.

Co-creator Lisa Joy said of the upcoming series: “It’s sci-fi but mashed up with a western. We get to look backward and forward.”

Seems like the forward thing won’t be that forward, since the futuristic bits will be more loosely informed by technology that's becoming rapidly current, rather than what’s probably coming in the future.

Although the plot details remain largely under wrap, Nolan teased: “What we can tell you is that we intend to make the most ambitious, subversive, f–ked-up television series. The things that keep you up at night, any of those things that trouble you—that is exactly what the show is about.”

Bring. It. On. Are you guys looking forward to HBO’s Westworld in 2015?

(via EW)

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