New York Times depicts life on Venus and Mars... in 1912

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Apr 24, 2010
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One of the cooler blogs out there is Ironic Sans by David Friedman (the same guy who made scientific Valentine cards). He's started a new blog called, where he posts and discusses old issues of the New York Times Sunday Magazine from the ancient archives.

In his first one, he found quite the catch:

How cool is that? The article is about a lettered French scientist speculating about what life would be like on other planets. David has a PDF of the article as well, which is an absolute delight to read. How wonderful to see something like that; an apparently scientifically-minded article, but free to have fun and take the reader to a totally different place than what they might expect!

It's inspiring, in fact. Given that kind of freedom today, I wonder what other famous scientists of today would write about.