New Cap pics, economical alien invasion, B5 rumors and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 15, 2012

Hey! You got your comments in our stories. No, we got our stories in your comments. Two great tastes that taste great together! This week, we taste the deliciousness that are new Captain America pics, how an alien invasion could help us out, geeky proposals, an Evil Dead remake, Babylon 5 rumors and B.S & B.O. Clicky for mo'!

Our story: Captain America is the STAR of 5 new awesome Avengers set pics

Your best comment: Why are his fingers stuck in a perpetual two-fingered point? Even in shot five, just standing there, those two are sticking out. — Clyde M

Our story: Nobel Prize-winning economist: We need Watchmen's alien invasion

Your best comment: I'm shocked by the lack of understanding some of you readers seem to have.

This idea is a psyhcological one. "IF" people would stop thinking about politics, and instead focus on the economic issue. The current global problem would be fixed in a year or two. Both WWI and WWII gave the world a grand crisis to focus on (WWII more then anything else) Regardless if you believe what WWII fixed the fact remains that the world was in a nasty little depression before the war and in economic recovery after.

The reason an Alien invasion is the best topic to discuss is that as a scape-goat something not human allows us all to bond together as a planet, and focus on the issue without outting any one group of people.

This idea really is a great one, but it's sad that we live in a world where we need a scap-goat to use inorder to fix all of our problems. — The Question

Our story: Image of the Day: Why Spider-Man can't go to metal concerts

Your best comment: If I can't say f*ck in the comment section; then you shouldn't be able to show the word in your articles. — John

Our story: Geeky marriage proposal has awesome surprise Star Trek guest star

Your best comment: Most people like to make their engagement as interesting and memorable as possible, it'll often be a story they'll tell people for years to come. I can definitely say that will for sure be an interesting and memorable story. — Michael Williams

Our story: 7 actors who could replace Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead remake

Your best comment: There is a problem with your title. It says, "7 actors who could replace Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead remake." The problem is The Bruce Campbell can't be replaced. You either are Bruce Campbell or you're in Bruce Campbell's shadow. — Matt

Our story: 12 wacky examples of SF characters getting sucked into videogames

Your best comment: Who would have ever thought that Darkwing Duck would have gotten a mention on this site? I don't think even the multiple Disney networks have aired it in at least 10 years, if not longer. Nice job of thinking outside the box, though. — familyman99

Our story: 7 Howard characters who could make a better movie than Conan

Your best comment: I do love some good sword & sorcery; but the problem I have with the Conan property is that it's all about the triumph of brawn over brains. This is the opposite of what Sci-fi is normally about. — Mndrew

Our story: Disney exec says storytelling is B.S. when it comes to B.O.

Your best comment: This just goes to show what I have always believed about Hollywood. They can't tell the difference between a pile of poo and a gold bar. — Tokrath

Our story: Syfy orders additional Eureka episode to act as series finale

Your best comment: I'm so bummed out to hear they are canceling Eureka after next season. It was nice to see a show where having a brain is celebrated. All day long I am stuck with children's programming where being stupid is congratulated, celebrated, and high fived. The entertainment value and general relief Eureka provides can't be traded for wrestling. — Kathleen

Our story: Artist creates awesome Indiana Jones world map

Your best comment: FORTY-FIVE BUCK$ ?

I wouldn`t pay that for any piece of paper that did not lead me to an Ark or a Grail or something. — Sallah

Our story: Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale reveals Marty and Doc's secret origin

Your best comment: Now Bob, don't con me. — GregR

Our story: 500-year-old vampire confesses to police why he bit Texas woman

Your best comment: *Rubs Temples* Okay, I'm open minded enough to believe that there are things unseen in this world that would shatter the average mind, but, come on. Nine times out of ten, it's nutjobs like Mr. Vampire Glyph on his neck up there. If there are *true* Vampires out there, they must laugh themselves senseless when they read stories like this. — Joseph

Our story: RUMOR OF THE DAY: Koenig hints at Babylon 5 return?

Your best comment: JMS just posted this on facebook. Look up fans of JMichael-Straczynski "Walter misspoke: I am not in negotiations with WB to develop more Babylon 5." — Justin