New concept art gives a good look at The Avengers' awesome Quinjet

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Dec 16, 2012

No Avengers movie would be truly complete without a kick-ass vehicle for the team to assemble in. Joss Whedon and company know this to be true, so they made sure that Earth's Mightiest Heroes have their iconic Quinjet for easy transport to save the world at a moment's notice.

Check out the concept art that gives us our first really good look at the Avengers' ride.

Quinjet has been a part of the Avengers mythos since 1969, when it was introduced in Avengers #61. The comics version has five turbojet engines (hence the "quin" in "Quinjet") and vertical takeoff and landing capability. It's fast, sleek and perfect for the world's great super-team.

Depending on which comic book story you're reading, the Avengers have a tendency to go through Quinjets like Hawkeye goes through arrows. When you fight the greatest evils the world has to offer, your planes get blown up a lot, so the idea that Whedon will blow this Quinjet up at some point seems a pretty safe bet.

Check out the full image and contemplate the ultimate question: Who has a cooler plane, the X-Men or the Avengers?

(via Comic Book Movie)