New Doctor Who behind-the-scenes video is like Time Lord 101

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Dec 14, 2012

Know nothing of Doctor Who but want to make the leap into the wibbly-wobbly beyond with season six? Well this new BBC behind-the-scenes video will surely help you find out just WHO Who is.

Though this cool video is definitely not only for non-Who fans, it does serve as a nice crash-course introduction to the phenomenally long-running sci-fi series. There's also a lot of nice tidbits on our favorite Time Lord, The Doctor (Matt Smith)—plus it features exclusive interviews with Smith's partner in time travel, Karen Gillan, and executive producer/lead writer Steven Moffat.

Though, sadly, most scenes come from the fifth season, there's a nice little TARDIS scene that will be seen in the April 23 season premiere that's worth the look.

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(via BBC America)

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