New Doctor Who series 7 posters leaked early!

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Dec 17, 2012

Every day we inch closer and closer toward the premiere of Doctor Who's seventh season. Every day we get something new and exciting to tide us over. Today's a doozy, with special preview posters for each episode. Wanna see? Yeah, ya do!

So these posters ... they run the gamut from neat to silly all the way to intriguing. That Power of Three one, especially. Still so many questions as to the ways the number 3 will factor in. And that Angels Take Manhattan one? Forget about it! Amy and Rory look like statues! What could it mean!?

What we're saying is, we are excited. Take a look at the gallery below and tell us if your lip is a-quiverin' and toes are a-tappin' with anxious energy.

(via Doctor Who TV)