New Eli trailer: More ass kicking, more Denzel attitude

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

We've been dying to see Denzel's new post-apocalyptic The Book of Eli since we visited the set last April, and we're stoked about the new trailer that just popped up on Yahoo! Movies (watch after the jump).

The trailer shows a lot more of the film's promised kick-ass action and Denzel Washington's bad-ass road warrior attitude. We also get a better look at Gary Oldman's evil Carnegie, Mila Kunis' Solara—and Jennifer Beals (!).

We're big fans of the Hughes brothers, who directed this sci-fi Western, and we're glad they seem to be delivering the goods.

Warner Brothers describes The Book of Eli this way: Washington plays a lone warrior named Eli who fights his way across the desolate wasteland of near-future America to realize his destiny and deliver the knowledge in a book that can bring civilization back from the brink of destruction and save the future of humanity. The film's original screenplay is by Gary Whitta and Anthony Pekham.

The Book of Eli opens Jan. 15, 2010. What do you think?