Fiery new X-Men: First Class pic makes us forget those bad posters

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Dec 14, 2012

After the release of those two (let's face it) pretty crappy X-Men: First Class posters yesterday, Fox is apparently trying to draw our attention away from them by releasing a brand-new fiery pic from the upcoming film.

The image shows Havok, played by Lucas Till, in a room covered in fiery strips. It's a nice contrast to the previous picture released by the studio about a week ago which featured Emma Frost (January Jones) and Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) in their icy cool slick Hellfire Club lair.

After having washed our eyes a couple of times yesterday from the sight of those universally derided movie posters (which most of you agreed really sucked), it's a relief to see that new image from the film.

It gives us back some hope that director Matthew Vaughn may be doing something right with it.

Do you agree?

X-Men: First Class will be released June 3, 2011.

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