New Flash Gordon movie: No Queen, no camp, but 3-D!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Director Breck Eisner promises that his upcoming new Flash Gordon movie won't be a remake of the campy 1980 version or even the Buster Crabbe serials from the 1930s—and he promises it will be in 3-D.

"It's a movie that is in no way a remake or a re-imagining or a reboot of the '80s version or the serial version," Eisner told SCI FI Wire. "No Queen [music]. It is not camp in any way. We're going back to the original Alex Raymond [comic strip] scripts and imagining if he were living today, what would those strips be like?"

Eisner is moving forward on his new movie version of the classic sci-fi story. "Flash Gordon is a movie I've been pursuing for years, and I finally was able to orchestrate it going to Sony from Hearst," Eisner said while promoting his new sci-fi horror movie, The Crazies.

Eisner added: "We hired writers a year ago. I've been breaking story with them since I wrapped post on [The Crazies]. We've got an awesome, very long-form outline that they're now executing a script off of, which I should have in two months or so to the studio." It's unclear as of yet whether Flash Gordon will be Eisner's next movie.

Eisner is a longtime Flash Gordon fan with a strong vision of how Gordon should be brought into modern times.

Gordon will also enter the third dimension this time out: "It will definitely be in 3-D, unless they come out with 4-D before then," Eisner says with a laugh. The director adds that he is even testing a new binaural German 3-D sound system that could be employed for the film. "It's supposed to push 3-D to the next level," he says.

Cost is the primary obstacle the space hero will have to overcome. "It's a very expensive movie," admits Eisner. "Do they have and do they want to spend the kind of money it's going to take to pull this thing off?"

For now, Eisner is simply intent on developing the best filmic version of Flash Gordon possible. "It's one that I will be passionate enough about forever and will hope to be able to make," says Eisner. "It's action, it's adventure, it's intense, it's dynamic. It's a strong central character who goes on a dynamic journey. It should be a really amazing movie if we can get it made."

Eisner decided to go to space instead of the murky lagoons: He had originally been attached to a remake of the 1950s monster movie The Creature From the Black Lagoon. Eisner's The Crazies hits screens on Feb. 26.

Will you blast off with Eisner's Flash?

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