New footage: Is Avatar a better game than film?

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

When footage from James Cameron's Avatar debuted online, a lot of you were less than impressed and thought it looked more like a game than a film."

So what to make of this new footage of the actual Avatar game, below, which, we suspect, owes a lot to the look and feel of the movie itself? Anyone think Avatar may actually make a better game than a film?

To be fair, Cameron and star Sam Worthington say that you can only really judge the film if you watch it in its full, big-screen, 3-D glory, and having screened the early footage, we'd have to say it does look a lot better blown up.

Speaking of blowing up, the new game promises a lot of otherworldly military action. Here's how Ubisoft describes the new footage:

Today, we're throwing you into the Pandora rain forest, one of 16 different environments in the game, as a member of the Resources Development Administration, or RDA military.

What do you think?

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