New Potter trailer shows the beginning of the end—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories (see Harry Potter's final films) and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: Image of the Day: Wonder Woman's new costume improved by a fan

Your best comment: umm, hello! she's wonder woman, everyone talking about her wearing clothes for protection, well you need that, she doesn't. she can dress as sexy as she likes and doesn't need to take grief from it. she comes from an island of all women, and she could care less what a man thinks. i like the fan redesign myself.— chrissy

Our story: Image of the Day: NASA: We won't be having sex in space

Your best comment: Sex in Micro-gravity would actally be quite difficult becuse as one would thrust it would cause their partner to bounce away. The good space sex would be on the Moon in one sixth gravity, where you can pull off any page from the Karma Sutra and support less wieght.— Moleman

Our story: Johnny Depp rumored to star in Doctor Who big-budget film

Your best comment: Science fiction geeks are sometimes so very literal - it doesn't need to fit into the current continuum or timeline. It doesn't need to draw on or expand or build on anything that's happening now. It needs to be accessible to people who want to see a good science fiction movie, with interesting concepts, that don't know 40 years of a series. It would be like trying to figure where to fit a Guiding Light or General Hospital motion picture into whatever they're currently doing. So let me go further out on a limb here and say...I think JD would be great as Doctor Who (and I'm not a raving JD fan, I like him when he's good), and I see no reason that an American motion picture shouldn't draw from, but not necessarily slot right into the current timeline, of the Doctor Who continuum. Start from the beginning as the first Doctor, explain a little bit about the series so first time viewers aren't lost. Just don't mangle it like Hitchhiker's. — Rivetgeek

Our story: New Space Battleship Yamato trailer made of epic space opera WIN

Your best comment: Fan-FRELLING-tastic! But they really should have fired the Wave-Motion Gun in the trailer! That would have jazzed all the fans into wanting to see this. I just hope they don't retitle it for American release. Starblazers was my first introduction to anime and I LOVED it! This live-action remake would rock my world for the entire year. — Falconer

Our story: Brilliant homemade video shows a day in the life of a pet AT-AT

Your best comment: Whoa! That blew SW Ep III out of the water! — Lophius

Our story: Yes—The Last Airbender IS as bad as you've heard

Your best comment: As Technoir mentioned, it wasn't as bad as everyone says; it just wasn't great. I don't necessarily blame M. Night Shyamalan for the outcome of the movie; he is simply following the current trend. Many movies of late have focused more on spectacle rather than substance, with recent examples including both Transformers movies; Clash of the Titans; A-Team; and yes, even the revered James Cameron's Avatar (yeah, I said it; and what?).

These movies are beautiful & visually stunning - but unfortunately not mentally stimulating. Just as in reading a book, if a viewer can guess the next line, let alone the next scene, then where is the creativity? Without caring about the outcome of the characters, attention spans flicker as the storyline becomes less engaging, the purpose of the movie left for naught.

Budget shouldn't automatically distort the story, either. I, for one, thought Paranormal Activity was just San Diego's version of Blair Witch. This angle has been done; leave it alone, & for crying out loud, come up with a novel idea. District 9 didn't have nearly the budget that Avatar or Last Airbender did, but through excellent storytelling from an perspective rarely discussed in Hollywood, managed to surprise everyone.

I luckily watched Last Airbender in regular 2D, and I do agree that paying extra for 3D for this movie is redundant. The movie was "pretty," but 3D will not alleviate the poor acting abilities. — venuschild

Our story: The first official photo of the new Primeval cast

Your best comment: Looks like they've given the characters "Abby" and "Connor" a bit of an edge to them. I take it then that we'll not be seeing Abby flouncing around in her knickers as before...but will see a more serious relationship between her and Connor? Being put into a survival situation where you're the only two sentient beings on the planet would tend to drive them together, and keep them together...also change their personalities a bit too. Wouldn't want to piss either of their characters off even the least bit.... — Roadking

Our story: 10 things science fiction always gets wrong

Your best comment: People are either defensive against this article or of the writer's points. My response is this:

What's the point? None of these are actual valid arguments for or against, he's just rehashing the same old sci-fi philosophy of 'chicken or egg'. Everything he states has been covered or thought of in one season of Star Trek. There is nothing new here.

See this dead horse, I like to use my riding crop on it! Take that! — Robert

Our story: First trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Your best comment: I think what makes this Series such an accomplishment is that the films have garnered a fanbase and following completely seperate from the Novels. Don't get me wrong, the foundation of the enitre HP Fan-Empire was set by the books, but somewhere along the way the movies became...something all thier own. For some, that wasn't a good thing. For others, such I myself, who could never get into the Novels, and do not, despite Gia's belief, consider ourselfs "Super Geeks", the subtle shift was a very welcome thing.

The first three films were equal parts Cute (when the trio were kids) and later pretty exciting and entertaining as they grew older and into the Roles. With Order of the Pheonix the films became almost an alternate reality to the HP Universe, though the Core events were kept intact. Now, with Deathly Hollows, audiences will get to see the culmination of a darker more intense Harry Potter franchise, and I know I, for one, am supremely excited to see both parts as they come to Theaters.

However, I can do without the 3D; in point of fact, it somewhat ticks me off since the delay in the film's release had more to do with the 3D transition than the choice to split it into two parts. Still, the Trailer was Epic and I can not wait. — Scifiaddict27

Our story: What if sci-fi movie posters used honest review quotes

Your best comment: Years ago I saw a movie poster from some direct-to-video Jake Busey movie that said (in very large type) something like "A competent performance from a cast you'll recognize." I loved that the best quote they could find was that bland but they ran it anyway. — asocalguy

Our story: Image of the Day: The saddest Darth Vader you'll ever see

Your best comment: I should have known no one would show up to my birthday party after force choking all my friends. — upload

Our story: For $35,000 you can buy a street-legal (working) Tron lightcycle

Your best comment: I so hope i see one of these on worlds wildest police chases. — EODguy