New infographic NOW calculates astronomical cost of being Iron Man

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Two days ago, we showed you a very cool chart that calculated the astronomical cost of being Batman. Today, we have a new chart that tells us exactly how much cash you'd need to cough up in order to be Iron Man—and it ain't pretty.

The eye-popping costs have once gain been calculated by the guys over at

So how much would it cost you guys to get Iron Man's many awesome suits of armor with all their uber-cool gizmos attached? Plus the house? Plus the cool cars? In fact, how much do you think it'll cost you to have everything that makes our genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark be Tony Stark and Iron Man?

If you thought being Batman was already expensive enough, just wait till you see the total cost of being Iron Man.

You'll need to win A LOT of lottery tickets to get there.

Here ya go:

THE COST OF BEING BATMAN: $682,450,750.00
THE COST OF BEING IRON MAN: $1,612,717,000.00

Obviously, Tony Stark has much deeper pockets than Bruce Wayne.

(HeyUGuys via Comic Book Movie)