New international Resident Evil: Afterlife poster has us seeing RED

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

The Resident Evil movie franchise has always been about Milla Jovovich's Alice character. (Isn't that why we keep showing up? To watch her kick zombie butt?) So imagine our surprise when we ran across the newest Resident Evil: Afterlife poster and saw that her character was completely MIA!

Rather than featuring the actress, the poster (dug up by IMP Awards) shows a grim-looking Albert Wesker, played by Shawn Roberts, literally giving the evil eye over his cool sunglasses to the Resident Evil brother-and-sister team of Chris and Claire Redfield (played by Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter).

Judging from the language and the original site's address, we think the poster is from Russia. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? What do you think?

UPDATE: According to our commenters, what we thought was wrong—it's Thai. Thanks for the input!

(via collider)