Aliens to abduct young Gene Roddenberry in new animated TV show

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Dec 14, 2012

Gene's Journal is an adorable web comic about a boy who's always being abducted by aliens. (Later, that boy grows up to become Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.) Now the comic strip is going to reach a wider audience: It's becoming a children's animated TV series.

According to a press release on TrekMovie, Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group CEO Kevin Gillis.announced,

"Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group, and Roddenberry Entertainment are joining forces to develop an animated kids' comedy series, Gene's Journal®, based on the hilarious web comic created by Trevor Roth and illustrated by cartoonist David Reddick...."

There's no hard news about release dates, channels and air times. But there's a little more information about the comic:

Young Gene is constantly trying to reconcile his earthling life with the hilarious alien encounters. After all, it's quite hard to do your homework, meet girls, play on sports teams, etc., when aliens from the future continue to abduct you for their outlandish needs, missions and entertainment.

Gene's Journal launched in January 2008, and it appears every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Although Gene's Journal is geared toward pre-teen boys, Star Trek fans of any age will love the references to phasers and "going where no human has gone before."

Check out a sample of the original strip below.

(via TrekMovie and Gene'sJournal)

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