New Mirror Mirror trailer: Good enough to take on Snow White?

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

When last we saw a trailer for Immortals director Tarsem Singh's shiny-happy take on the Snow White legend, it was a thoroughly uninspired affair. But does this new international trailer nudge Mirror Mirror back into the "must see" category?

Well, it does look better, there's no doubt about that. This spot—which shows off more of Tarsem's stunning visual style—makes Mirror Mirror feel less like a slapsticky comedy and more like a light adventure. Which is a perfectly valid way to go, given that the competing flick, Snow White and the Huntsman, is presenting itself as a battle-heavy dark fantasy.

That said, there's a real ABC Family vibe that wafts off of this trailer, one that the smarmy voiceover only bolsters. There may very well be an audience for this version of Snow White ... and we'll see if they show up on March 30.

(via Empire)