New Moon's Edi Gathegi on Taylor Lautner and a new director

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Cam Gigandet (from left), Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre played bad vampires in Twilight.

Edi Gathegi, who will reprise the role of Laurent in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, told reporters that he's glad Taylor Lautner managed to keep his job as Jacob.

"Yeah, I'm very happy with Taylor," Gathegi said in a group interview on Saturday in Westwood, Calif., where he was promoting My Bloody Valentine 3-D. "I was with him last night. I always believed in that kid, because it didn't make sense to me why they wouldn't think that he can play it, the fans or whoever. Also, it's a misconception. He's always, he was signed on, just like we all were, for all of them, or for the movies that we're supposed to be in. So he's playing it, obviously."

Fresh off the success of Twilight, the sequel New Moon has already generated controversial news. Chris Weitz has taken over directing for Catherine Hardwicke, and Lautner was nearly replaced.

The following Q&A features edited excerpts of the group interview. To readers of Stephenie Meyer's novels, no discussion of Laurent is a spoiler. Just in case, if you're only following the movies, you might want to avoid the last question.

What are you looking forward to about Chris' vision for New Moon?

Gathegi: I loved what he did visually with The Golden Compass, so I know that he can do the CGI thing very, very well. I loved American Pie, About a Boy, so I know he's a smart director and he gets humor, not that that's even going to be ... Maybe, could be in New Moon. So I like his work, so I'm excited to work with him.

Are you going to miss Catherine?

Gathegi: Catherine, I loved her. She's fantastic. I'm not really in the know specifically [as to] what's going on, but I know it was mutual, so that's all I have to say about that. ...

What are you doing to prepare for your next go as Laurent?

Gathegi: I'm not. I've already played the role, so I'm looking forward to what the lines that I have to say are, and then I'll bring myself to 'em, once I get the script.

How does it feel to go into what will be your last film in the series?

Gathegi: Shh, no spoilers. It's good, it's good. Busy. Anxiously awaiting meeting Chris Weitz. So it's good, I'm excited about it.