New Moon's Kristen Stewart talks Eclipse director rumors

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Kristen Stewart, who will reprise the role of Bella in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, weighed in on the ongoing speculation over who will direct the third film, Eclipse.

New Moon, directed by Chris Weitz, has not even begun filming yet, and the media are already buzzing about directors for Eclipse: Just this week, Variety reported Juan Antonio Bayona landed the gig over Drew Barrymore, only to have the Los Angeles Times refute it.

Stewart talked about the rumors and the franchise's location move from Portland, Ore., to Vancouver, Canada, for New Moon in a group interview on Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she was promoting Adventureland. Following is an edited version of that interview.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Juan Antonio Bayona or Drew Barrymore directing Eclipse?

Stewart: I don't know. I mean, as long as they get someone who's invested, as long as they get someone who cares. It's so above me, but I think that both of them are [good choices] in their own way. I'm sure that they'd be great. Drew's been doing this her whole life, and she's pretty cool. I could probably get behind both of those choices for various reasons, but neither's [a lock]. Nobody's been hired, so I don't know yet.

Were you expecting to do them all with Catherine Hardwicke, who helmed the first Twilight but was not brought back for New Moon?

Stewart: No, I don't think it was ever [a plan]. To be honest, it wasn't something that I thought about. I took one at a time, because the second movie wasn't even inevitable. It was, like, based on the success of the first and how it turned out, so no.

How do you expect Vancouver to equal the locations from Portland?

Stewart: It looks great. It looks the same. We're having to put green walls [in] places that don't match, but we'll put [in] what is right there after. It's good. The feel, the atmosphere, the environment of the movie is such a character, so we can't drop it. We will maintain that. It looks the same. It feels the same.