Movie poster smackdown: Batman vs. The Thing vs. Sherlock Holmes

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Dec 15, 2012

Here's an equation for you. In the last two days, we've seen four new posters for three new movies. Given that movies are more than $10 a ticket, which of them were able to convince you to see the films? Answer: at least two.

We have the new posters for you, one for The Dark Knight Rises, one for the Thing remake and two for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

What can we say? We love the first two. The Batman poster is a work of advertising excellence; the image is both iconic and in-your-face jarring. The Thing uses both a cool image and our new favorite catchphrase.

The Sherlock Holmes posters almost-but-not-quite have the same proportion problem that the Harry Potter poster did, although we liked the fact that Sherlock and Watson were shadowed by what looks like their antagonists.

Who goes to movies based solely on posters? A few of us, actually. So based on the equation above, we're going to see Batman and The Thing without question. As for Sherlock Holmes, it'll take a little more than a poster to get us into the theater seats.

Check them all out below.

(via RopeofSilicon, SFX and SlashFilm)