New Prometheus viral video turns Fassbender into a creepy android

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Dec 17, 2012

There's a brand-new Prometheus viral video out, and this one brilliantly features Michael Fassbender as the android David. Get ready to witness to the birth of something new ...

Titled "Happy Birthday David," this new viral video features the birth of Weyland Corp.'s brand-new android David. Aliens and androids were always a match made in sci-fi geek heaven as far as Ridley Scott and the whole of the Alien franchise were concerned.

The first and most memorable one—'cause, you know, he just all went crazy murderous psychopath on the Nostromo crew members—was Ash (Ian Holm) in Ridley Scott's Alien. Will David go down the same road Ash did?

(Thankfully, things started looking up, as the models definitely improved with Bishop [Lance Henriksen] in James Cameron's action-packed follow-up Aliens and with Call [Winona Ryder] in Alien Resurrection.)

Fassbender looks so calm, cool and collected in his entire demeanor and his weird idiosyncratic way of talking and blinking that we find him completely hypnotic and a bit chilling. Have a look.

What do you think of this new viral video? How do you like Michael Fassbender as the android David? Are you even more excited for Prometheus to come to theaters on June 8?

(via Bleeding Cool and Comic Book Movie)