Watch The Thing's new short, bloody and gross red-band trailer

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Dec 15, 2012

Screaming Norwegians, a creature trapped in a block of ice and Mary Elizabeth Winstead trying to make sense of it all are just a few of the highlights of the new red-band trailer for The Thing. It's only a little more than a minute long, but it brings the arctic terror.

If you haven't heard, director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. (try saying that three times fast) is making a direct prequel to John Carpenter's flick, focusing on the group of scientists (most of them Norwegian) who originally discovered the creature, just a few days before Kurt Russell and crew found it in the form of a dog. Winstead leads the cast as an American scientist who flies to Antarctica to help with the discovery of a very old something that's just been found buried under layers of ice. Joel Edgerton (who's starring opposite Tom Hardy in Warrior right now) co-stars as a helicopter pilot who gets sucked in when things get weird.

The trailer is brief, but it manages to convey the impact of the discovery (this thing, we're told, is 100,000 years old or so), the confusion when things first start going wrong and the absolute paranoia that sets it when the characters realize, as one of them says, "Not all of us are human."

The Thing hits theaters Oct. 14. Until then, use this trailer to sate your tentacle-flailing, spider-handed, shapeshifty monster needs.

(via First Showing)