Scarlett Johansson's next sci-fi film sounds a LOT like Species

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Dec 14, 2012

Scarlett Johansson is about to star in a new sci-fi movie called Under the Skin, and the role she will play will almost certainly cause a few male geeks' hearts to skip a beat or three.

According to Deadline, Johansson will play "an alien on earth, disguised as a mesmerizing woman who uses her voracious sexuality to scour remote highways and desolate scenery to snare human prey."

Yes, we know, it sounds a lot like Species to us, too, but the film is in fact based on a novel by Michel Faber. While we haven't read the book, we understand that it takes off in some very strange directions that are not at all like that 1995 chronicle of alien/human hybrid Sil's sexual adventures.

The director is Jonathan Glazer, who made the witty crime film Sexy Beast a few years back, and the company behind the movie is called FilmNation. CEO Glen Basner said while announcing the movie at the American Film Market in Los Angeles, "How could we pass up the chance to work with a visionary director like Jonathan, especially when combined with the intriguing notion of Scarlett Johansson as a ruthless alien seductress?"

Filming is tentatively slated to begin next spring. And once it does, we'll be out on those remote highways and desolate locations looking for Scarlett.

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