New sci-fi flick Hibernation gets a fast and furious director

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Like it or not, the action-packed Fast and the Furious franchise is a hot box-office commodity. Now the director of the latest edition, Fast Five, is expanding out to direct a mysterious new big-budget sci-fi flick.

Dubbed Hibernation, the new film is described as a "dynamic futuristic thriller" that must look pretty hot at the spec stage to attract Lin.

The go-to action director is currently working on Fast Six, and has been attached to everything from a new Terminator film to the Highlander reboot in recent years.

Plot details for Hibernation are currently under wraps, though producer Troy Craig Poon said the script by Geneva Robertson and Will Frank was intriguing enough to get them in the mix:

"The story is fresh, inventive and one we found immensely compelling."
Slim? Yes. But intriguing nonetheless. Considering the film's title, and the fact that we do know it's future-set, it opens up a whole host of potential options for what this film is about.

What do you think? Any guess on the plot?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)