5 new Spidey set pics give us a better look at the full costume

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Dec 14, 2012

As filming continues in L.A. on director Marc Webb's as-yet-untitled Spider-Man reboot—which stars Andrew Garfield as our favorite webslinger—we get our clearest look yet at the full Spider-Man costume. Including the mask.

Yes, we already showed you the first official pic of Andrew Garfield released by the studio (sans mask, remember?), and yes, we even showed you some action pics as well as a video of everyone's favorite superhero in action.

However, it's the first time we see the character dressed from head to toe, providing us with a nice look at the boots, gloves and mask. And though it's the stuntman who's yet again showing off, it's cool to see what the entire Spider-Man outfit looks like. At least it'll tide us over until we get more official pics.

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(via The Daily Blam)

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