New Spider-Man to swing with old-school web-shooters

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

If you look closely at the recently released photo of Andrew Garfield in his Spidey gear, you can just make out a pair of metallic doodads on his hands. Emma Stone confirms what sharp-eyed fans have deduced: that Peter Parker builds his web-shooters in Marc Webb's reboot.

Even though, in the comics, science whiz Peter Parker invented the gizmos that would allow him to shoot webs from his wrists, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy turned them into a biological process—a side effect of the same spider bite that gave Peter his powers. (That, in and of itself, might be a remnant from James Cameron's time on Spider-Man: In his 1991 treatment for an abandoned Spidey movie, Peter discovers the bio-organic web spouts after a particularly gooey dream.)

But on the Golden Globes red carpet, the new Gwen Stacy seems to have confirmed that the new webslinger will swing mechanically with three simple words:

"It's a device."
Me, I kind of like the idea of Peter Parker being able to show off his boy-genius chops a bit. After all, it's no harder to buy a kid inventing web-shooters (and the web goop itself) than that he got bit by a radioactive spider and can stick to walls.

(Via MTV Splash Page)

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