New Spider-Man trailer gives us what Raimi's trilogy never did

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Dec 14, 2012

It's official: The new Spider-Man trailer is out for all of us to enjoy without fear of takedowns. That leaked trailer we posted yesterday? Yeah, we know it's not playing. But this one is, and it's a whole two and a half minutes of intense Spidey action.

As we mentioned yesterday, this is a darker take on Peter Parker's origin story. Also, it gives us something that we rarely get to see in a Spider-Man retelling: his parents. We know that Peter was raised by his kindly Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but here we get a tiny slice of life before they died. (Was it a plane crash? Marvel has never been clear on the subject.)

For those of us who feel that this reboot is too soon after the last movie in the Raimi trilogy, Spider-Man 3 in 2007, yeah, you're right, it's too soon. But it's still another year in the making. This version of Spider-Man won't be released until July 2012.

Check it out:

(via Yahoo)

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