New Spidey trailer offers harder look at Peter Parker and the Lizard

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Dec 16, 2012

Some fans may have to put their pitchforks down, with all the buzz surrounding the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer. Footage was shown off at special sneak-peek events last night in a few major cities, and most would argue the trailer looks good. Really good.

The fan reaction to Marc Webb's Spidey reboot has been mixed, with many jokingly dubbing it "emo" Spider-Man based on the initial teasers and interviews, but the new trailer may turn the tide on that sentiment.

The new footage offers a more nuanced look at how Andrew Garfield is portraying the famous webslinger, cracking wise and investigating exactly what happened to his parents. We also get to hang out with Dr. Curt Connors a bit, and see a few fleeting glances at The Lizard. Plus, as expected, the action scenes look outstanding.

The first thing that stands out when watching the trailer is that it really doesn't have the same vibe as Sam Raimi's former trilogy of films. It feels, well, darker - from the way it's shot to just the grittier feel of New York City.

At one of the fan events in Los Angeles, director Marc Webb reaffirmed to the Associated Press that he is trying to take a new direction on the Spider-Man mythology, and not retread what has already been done on the big screen.

"I think there are a lot of things from the Spider-Man canon that haven't yet been explored cinematically," Webb said. "This movie really starts off with Peter Parker and his parents, which is something we've never really seen before, and I think that was something we were all really interested in exploring as filmmakers."

What do you think? Does the new trailer give you hope that the Spidey reboot won't just be about Peter Parker sitting around, listening to Dashboard Confessional?