New Sucker Punch trailer wants to have sex with your eyes

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Dec 14, 2012

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the new spot for Zack Snyder's femme-centric action fantasia makes it look like it's all sizzle and sensation with little substance.

I'm all for a good eyegasm, and Sucker Punch seems to have the makings of an ocular good time: dragons and robots and samurais and zeppelins and big-ass guns and pretty girls. All of those are wonderful thingsā€”I've seen movies on the strength of just one of 'em.

But we're a month out from Sucker Punch's March 25 opening, right about when the advertising campaign should be trying to hook me with the film's story. The "blur of crazy-awesome imagery" offensive is usually launched just as a movie's about to come out, to snare any last-minute would-be ticket buyers.

All of that said, if Sucker Punch is just two hours of throbbing music, attractive women and the ol' explodo, that's fine with me. I'm a simple man who likes simple pleasures. But you can usually draw some conclusions from what the trailers aren't showing you.

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