Supernatural S8 trailer reveals the brothers' hellish new mission

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Dec 17, 2012

A new trailer for the eighth season of The CW's cult fave Supernatural has been released, revealing exactly what evil-fighting mission the Winchester brothers will be tasked with this year. And boy, is it a big one.

What's next? Catching up with the brothers one year later, then finding a way to close the gates to hell. Good luck, guys. Along the way, it seems Sam and Dean will also be crossing paths with the young prophet Kevin, who seems a lot more comfortable in his role with a year to digest it.

After seven seasons, it'd be easy for a show to run out of ways to raise the stakes (I mean, just ask Buffy—you can only save the world so many times), but it seems the writers have come up with a unique approach that digs deeper into the show's mythos and also establishes a clear mission that will likely drive some or all of the new season.

New episodes don't debut until Wednesday, Oct. 3. But, until then, glean what you can from the new trailer below and let us know which questions you want answered in the premiere: