New Thor 2 set pics spotlight Sif + The Dark World villains

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Dec 17, 2012

For a closed set, the early days of filming for Thor: The Dark World have been pretty well documented—and now we have some nifty new set pics showing off some crazy action and a new addition to the cast.

Published by The Daily Mail, the new set pics show quite a bit of activity on the outdoor site in Surrey, England.

We can clearly see new Asgardian warrior Sif (Jaimie Alexander) getting in on a massive battle, and we get a few tight shots of some of the baddies the heroes will be facing.

We've been hearing that the sequel will dig deeper into the mystical side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after establishing the concepts with the more grounded (well, as grounded as Thor can be) first installment. Judging by the Norse-style battles on display below, that definitely seems the case.

The epic scope of the film is fully on display, and we can't wait to see some of these scenes play out on the big screen.

Check out five of the better pics below, and head over to The Daily Mail to check out a few more.

(Via The Daily Mail)