New trailer proves I Am Number Four may be antidote to Twilight

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

The teaser trailer for the new sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four is filled with beautiful young people doing amazing things. But by all appearances, there's more brawling than brooding in this teen-targeted flick.

Directed by Eagle Eye's D.J. Caruso, I Am Number Four follows a young alien (Alex Pettyfer) who's been hiding from enemies on Earth, aided by his protector (Timothy Olyphant), moving from town to town in a nomadic existence. And then, of course, he meets a girl (Diana Agron) and parts of his body start to feel all weird. Because he's an alien with superpowers. Duh.

Yes, it's a teen love story. But it's nothing like Twilight, at least if you hear Caruso tell it. "There's definitely young romance, for sure, but I don't know. ... It's interesting, because there is some crazy action in this movie. I mean, like, crazy action, I can't even tell you," the director said to Empire magazine. "I am a fan of sci-fi. I had to ground Eagle Eye in reality, to make it more like The French Connection, and now this is me ... making a proper sci-fi movie where people can pick things up with their minds or jump over a house ... "

Sounds like aliens are the new mutants.