New trailer shows why Steve Rogers deserves to be Captain America

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Dec 14, 2012

The latest Captain America trailer is out, and it bulks up the origin story from the previous trailer. But better than that, it gives us our first real look at Hydra, "the Nazi deep science division."

Even in a few seconds, we see that Hydra has hundreds of soldiers and superior technology. As for our heroes, "I asked for an army, and all I got was you," Col. Chester Phillips tells the former Steve Rogers. We know the former 90-pound weakling will prevail—after all, the movie isn't named Red Skull—but we don't easily see how.

A thought: The head of Project Rebirth, Dr. Abraham Erskine, is "looking for qualities beyond the physical," and Steve proves his mettle by throwing himself on top of a grenade. But does the army really want to spend time and money training a soldier who is so quick to sacrifice himself?

Check it out:

(via Tor)

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