New trailer: Shrek goes to hell in Forever After

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Check out the new trailer for the final Shrek movie, Shrek Forever After, in which everything goes to hell, below.

Our favorite green ogre (Mike Myers) makes a bad deal with a malevolent pixie named Rumpelstiltskin, resulting in an alternate reality (a la Back to the Future Part II) in which everything is wrong and Shrek has to reconnect with his pals and true love, Fiona (Cameron Diaz), to set things right again.

Directed by Mike Mitchell, Shrek Forever After reunites a voice cast including Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, Eric Idle and Justin Timberlake with new celebrity voice Paul McCartney. It opens May 21.

Did we mention it's in 3-D?

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