New Watchmen featurette is live: The Minutemen

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Warner Brothers has posted a new behind-the-scenes video featurette about the making of Zack Snyder's Watchmen, focusing on the re-creation of the 1940s original costumed adventurers the Minutemen.

The video also features interviews with Snyder and Dave Gibbons, who illustrated the original Alan Moore graphic novel on which the film is based. Watchmen is slated to open March 6.

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers is asking for a federal judge to move up a hearing, originally scheduled for Jan. 20, that could decide the fate of Watchmen's release, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That's the hearing in which Fox and Warner have agreed to let Judge Gary A. Feess decide whether to issue an injunction against the film's release.

Warner wants the hearing to be moved up to as early as Monday because "time is critical," the studio argues in papers filed this week. Watchmen is scheduled for a March 6 release, and Warner must soon commit to tens of millions of dollars in marketing for a film it isn't sure it can release.

The injunction fight stems from Feess' Christmas Eve preliminary ruling that Fox has a right to distribute the movie. Feess found that producer Lawrence Gordon failed to acquire Fox's entire interest in Watchmen, thereby leaving Fox with the rights.