New Who companion explains how she's 'changed' The Doctor

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The Doctor (Matt Smith) will be getting a lovely new companion for Christmas, and actress Jenna-Louise Coleman says her new character Clara/Oswin doesn't just try to fill that Amy and Rory-sized hole in his life. Who fans, get ready for a whole new Doctor/Companion dynamic.

Coming in at a time where the Doctor is still mourning the loss of his previous longtime companions, Coleman said her character gives him something to smile about and brings him back to life, a little, once he's done moping around. The biggest difference? The flirtation that will apparently develop between the two.

She told CNN:

"I like that she holds her own. You know, The Doctor's this amazing man, and she's like, 'You know, cool. I think you're amazing, but so am I.' So, it's a nice double act...

It's been interesting how it's changed Matt's Doctor. There is a natural bounce between them, and a flirtation, and attraction. But, again, they've always got this friction because they're a bit magnetic and drawn to each other, but she can't quite figure him out. He's got loads of secrets and he's always looking at her, trying to figure her out."

Coleman said she doesn't take the task of replacing Amy and Rory lightly, which is part of the reason showrunner Steven Moffat made it a point to construct a mystery around her character so it doesn't fall into the same trappings of the Doctor's previous relationships.

She continues:

"I like that it's not plain sailing. Like [Steven Moffat] was saying, it's not very interesting if you come in and it's like this friendship straight away. He's been very clever in creating a mystery, because, no matter what, it's always going to be hard to bring in somebody else into the show, when Matt, Karen and Arthur started out together, and you're used to seeing them on screen together."
We'll get to see some of that chemistry soon enough, as Coleman's official introduction is coming next week as part of the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Are you looking forward to the next series?

(Via CNN)

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