New X-Men TV spot puts all the action-packed pieces together

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Dec 14, 2012

The new X-Men: First Class TV spot is out, and even though it's a mere 30 seconds, each and every one of them is awesome. The new trailer includes everything we're looking forward to in an X-Men movie: dramatic tension, action and teamwork. And it even gives us new footage.

The new trailer shows us a very young, optimistic Charles Xavier speaking with Mystique (and seemingly with Eric Lensherr, although we know they meet much later in life). We also get extremely quick glimpses of Xavier, Mystique and Banshee suffering the effects of G-force, as well as a fight with Magneto and what appears to be himself.

Now that we've heaped praise on this X-Men: First Class TV spot, is it wrong of us to think that young Mystique looks like a Muppet Baby?

(via SuperHeroHype)

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