News briefs: Disney partners with Stan Lee; new Orphanage director

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Disney, which cemented its merger with Marvel Entertainment last Thursday, has also acquired a 10 percent stake in POW! Entertainment, the company led by the man who once ran Marvel and co-created many of its signature characters, Stan Lee, according to The Hollywood Reporter; several movies are in development, including Nick Ratchett, Blaze and Tigress.

Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophecies) will direct The Orphanage, New Line's remake of the Spanish-language ghost tale El Orfanato, Variety reported.

A new Web site has gone live for the upcoming remake of The Wolfman, starring Benicio del Toro; it opens Feb. 12.

Kevin Alejandro (Southland) is joining the cast of Alan Ball's HBO vampire drama True Blood, according to The Hollywood Reporter; Alejandro will play Jesus, a Latino orderly who is taking care of Ruby Jean Reynolds (Alfre Woodard) at her care facility and becomes involved with her son, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis).

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