News briefs: Final Orbit director; Nomads pilot

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

Production Weekly reports that John Moore is attached to direct Final Orbit, a sci-fi thriller based on the graphic novel adapted by Phil De Blasi & Byron Willinger, about lottery winners who are vacationing on the International Space Station when it is damaged and they find themselves trapped.

The CW has ordered a presentation pilot for the sci-fi-ish action drama Nomads, about a group of backpackers who make extra money by doing secret missions for the CIA, Variety reports. No, we don't make this stuff up.

DC Entertainment, develops DC Comics characters for movies and other media, has named a new executive team, including Jim Lee and Dan DiDio as co-publishers of DC Comics and Geoff Johns chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter; the company also appointed John Rood to the post of executive vice president, sales, marketing and business development, and Patrick Caldon to the post of executive vice president, finance and administration.

A viral Web site has gone live to promote Tron Legacy, featuring a digital countdown clock (to what??) and a text image that is slowing assembling itself (of what??); the movie opens in December.

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