News briefs: Frewer guests on Supernatural; Headroom on DVD

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

Max Headroom and Eureka star Matt Frewer has been cast on The CW's Supernatural as the third of the Four Horseman of the apocalypse, Pestilence, who'll show up at the end of the season.

Speaking of Supernatural, star Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, got married over the weekend to Genevieve Cortese, who played the last Ruby on the show and now co-stars on ABC's FlashForward.

Speaking of Max Headroom, the 14 episodes of the short-lived 1980s ABC series will be released on DVD this August by Shout! Factory.

Fans of ABC's Lost are invited to create a promo for the show's series finale in a contest sponsored by Kia Motors, the Ultimate Lost Fan Promo Contest.

HitFix reports that Star Trek's Chris Pine, Avatar's Sam Worthington and Green Lantern's Ryan Reynolds will be among the first-time presenters at this Sunday's Oscar ceremony.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith tweeted: "5 page preview of my GREEN HORNET comic: The comic adaptation of my unmade GREEN script. In stores tomorrow."

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