Newspaper frakkin' bans use of frakkin' word in place of (you know)

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Dec 17, 2012

Here is some news that you will not frakking believe. Some frakking frakkers at Hearst Connecticut Media Group have banned the word "frack" from their comments section. Our response to that? You guessed it. FRAK!

An email was sent out to confirm the censorship of the word, which yielded this response:

Does that mean Hearst will eventually blot out all the cool genre curse words? That's a frelling pile of dren if we ever heard one.

All cards on the table, it's pretty cool to see a nerd word make its way so far into the public lexicon that it's actually gotten itself banned.

Could this be a part of a trend? Will other sites drop the ban hammer on the new "f" word? More importantly, should they?

You tell us.


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