Nic Cage says the most Nic Cage thing ever about his aborted Superman movie

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Sep 11, 2017

It’s one of the most famous superhero movies never made: Superman Lives, Tim Burton’s absolutely bonkers project that would’ve starred Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel. Well, now Cage is talking about it — and has the most Nic Cage things, ever, to say about it.

While speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, Cage told Entertainment Weekly the film exists in all our imaginations, and whatever we can dream it would’ve been, that’s what they would’ve made. Look, Nic Cage is awesome, and he actually makes a decent point here in his fantastically Nic Cage way. Here’s the choice excerpt:

“I would offer that the movie that Tim and I would have made, in your imagination, is more powerful than any of the Superman movies. I didn’t even have to make the movie and we all know what that movie would have been in your imagination. That is the Superman. That is the movie. Even though you never saw it — it is the Superman.”

Had this movie been made, it would’ve been a bizarre and wild relic of the 1990s. It also could have been terrible, or possibly awesome. Who knows. But now? All we really have are a few behind the scenes concept photos, and this project has become a mythic piece of pop culture lore. An urban legend in a shiny, shiny super-suit. It’s spawned its own documentary back in 2015, dubbed The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, and Cage is still being asked about the project to this day.

Yeah, movie or not, Superman Lives. And he will always live. In our hearts.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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