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Nicolas Cage finally joins Superman thanks to face-swap tech

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Jan 31, 2018, 10:51 AM EST

Actor Nicolas Cage has become the internet’s punching bag/beloved weirdo idol thanks to his unmetered performances and perfectly outrageous facial expressions -- and now he can be in any movie fans want him in.

Thanks to some face-swapping technology with potential so sinister that it’d make Black Mirror blush, users of an app called FakeApp can put any celebrity face onto video content (with varying degrees of realism).

So, yes, this does raise very troubling questions about a future in which we can no longer trust video evidence because it may be doctored beyond detection -- but at least we can make Cage appear in whatever role we want, right?

The actor was supposed to star as Superman in Tim Burton’s abandoned take on the hero years back, so of course, the internet put him in Man of Steel. As Lois Lane.



He’s also been made into Indiana Jones and the T-1000, both of which you can see below:



These are all very creepy, uncanny, and ultimately pretty similar to a regular Nicolas Cage performance. But this technology won’t always be used for good/making Nic Cage the star of every genre film from our childhoods, so enjoy the memes while you can.