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Oh! The humanity! Nicolas Cage back to form in new The Humanity Bureau trailer

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Mar 5, 2018, 1:28 PM EST

Few actors in Hollywood have had a more varied career than Nicolas Cage, a man who has gone from teen heartthrob in Valley Girl, to Oscar winner in Leaving Las Vegas, to … well, the crapshoot you get from him these days.

As such, it’s always interesting to see what Cage will do next; now, thanks to this first trailer for The Humanity Bureau, we can. And let’s just say, it doesn’t look like he’ll be making a trip down the 91st Academy Awards’ red carpet in support of the film.

But whatever! Some of Cage’s best work is when he’s at his nuttiest, and as you can see below, The Humanity Bureau promises a good bit of that…

The dystopian action takes place in the wasteland of the American Midwest in the year 2030, and life apparently is in that “finding a way” transition period, thanks to global warming and climate change. In an effort to kickstart the shot economy, the government creates an agency called… wait for it… the Humanity Bureau, which has decided that unproductive individuals (even those formerly interested in making America great again) are weighing the economic system down, and need to be relocated (aka exiled) to a colony known as New Eden. Noah Kross (Cage) is one of the Bureau’s agents in charge of rounding up the unproductive saps. What could go wrong, right?

Well, everything, of course. After getting assigned to deport a mother (Rachel Weller) and her young son (Jakob Davies) to New Eden, Kross starts to see the error of New Eden’s ways. And he’s just nuts enough to do something about it, even though a baddie with an eye patch is in hot pursuit, and they’ll “die if they head north,” and they’ll die if they stay put.  

Sounds like a job for Nic Cage, right? 

The Humanity Bureau, written by Dave Schultz and directed by Rob W. King, arrives in theaters and OnDemand Apr. 6. Oh! The humanity!

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