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Nicolas Cage to rightfully don Superman's mantle in the Teen Titans GO! movie

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Apr 12, 2018, 11:48 AM EDT (Updated)

The meta-loving folks running Teen Titans GO! never turn down an opportunity to make a joke referencing the state of the superhero in popular entertainment.

That’s one of the reasons the movie coming from the animated series has its plot based around Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven trying to figure out how come they haven’t had a feature film adaptation when every other hero under the sun seems to have gotten one. And now, in what is perhaps the greatest casting joke/cameo in superhero history (sorry, Stan Lee), they’ve gotten Nicolas Cage to be their Superman.

Cage was once cast as the Man of Steel when director Tim Burton was in charge of a film called Superman Lives, which has become the subject of some fascination since it never saw the light of day. Here’s a GIF of the actor, spandexed up and ready to fly:

Nic Cage Superman

Source: The Death of Superman Lives

Sorry you had to see that. But now the man who named his son Kal-El (really), or his voice at least, will be able to bring an offbeat yet still heroic presence to the role. Speaking to USA Today, the film’s executive producer Sam Register described the “great responsibility” the team felt when filling out their cameo cast.

Threading the needle of total silliness with the right amount of fun isn’t easy, but with Cage leading a group of Justice Leaguers including a Wonder Woman voiced by singer Halsey and a Green Lantern voiced by rapper Lil Yachty, there’s no way to avoid either silliness or fun. Besides, as the series has plenty of history with off-the-wall musical numbers, fans should’ve expected these established heroes to bring some songbird chops of their own.

Teen Titans GO! To the Movies plans to break the fourth wall like the LEGO and Muppet movies before them, taking heroes on a trip to Hollywood inside an actual Hollywood movie — and now, when the film premieres on July 27, it’ll be led by the internet’s most beloved A-lister.